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Girly Rock - YUKI / JAM

YUKI and Judy and Mary Community

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the lj community connected to the yuki / judy and mary bible
This is the first livejournal community for the Japanese musical artist YUKI (former lead vocals of Judy and Mary, drummer for Mean Machine, 50% of NiNa w/ Kate Pierson, and multi-talented maven of Japan). If you do not know who she is, please visit the info site @ YUKI.PUNKGIRL to learn more about her. Also please check out her official site YUKIweb.

Any and everyone is welcome to join and post, as long as you at know who YUKI is (or would like to know), and you stay on topic.

Invalid, rude, spamming (this means you may not promote your own lj-community here), or intentionally useless post will not be tolerated. These kinds of posts will result in warnings or bannings, based on how offensive they are. Everybody makes mistakes.

Feel free to post news, opinions, reviews, questions ...etc, about YUKI, as well as designs, wallpapers, icons ...etc, that you would like to share. If an image is larger than 200x200, please put it behind an lj-cut.

DO NOT post more than TWO downloads to music or video files per week, per member. As fans we should try to cut back the pirating/stealing of media from the artists we love. Posting pictures and one mp3 and one video (or whatever combination of two pieces of media), accompanied by a friendly message to purchase the CDs or DVDs is acceptable and encouraged.

Any questions can be directed to:
The owner/maintainer of this lj-community, girlyrock.com, and the YUKI website: natsukigirl. Also, rebeltastic is the creator of the lyrics, mean machine, and takuya pages on girlyrock.com.

Have fun!

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I'm a "hands-off" mod, this means I will keep and eye on this community and make sure it's on target and useful to the fans, but aside from that I will act just like any other fan. Basically I made this comm because it was needed (because of lack of a similar comm). Basically, I won't "play god" so please feel free to flood it with your opinions and love for the music. I'm a big fan, but I'm not the ONLY fan, I look forward to meeting all of you and hearing what you have to share! I'm honored to mod this community for you. :)

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