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Complete Singles Box Set?! 
20th-Mar-2009 08:53 am
2009.08.05 release: JUDY AND MARY 15th Anniversary Complete Single Box. It's about $200. Gonna try to order mine today if possible.
20th-Mar-2009 05:38 pm (UTC)
Too expensive for me :( I still have to get the original singles.

Oh, by the way, you asked me how I got YUKI's tour books - Sorry, I meant to get back to you, it totally slipped my mind. I get them by using a buying service (www.celga.com) and buying them off Yahoo Auctions :) It costs an arm and a leg, but it can be worth it.
30th-Mar-2009 08:49 pm (UTC)
hey jackie, your the only person I know who bought both Rendezvous. Can you explain what the regular press was like/do you have scans? I just got the limited because I'm poor. Did you ever get around to watching NRG? I spotted myself several times, XD. Good tour.
30th-Mar-2009 09:15 pm (UTC)
Hey! I don't have scans of the regular edition, but I can definitely tell you what it looks like! lol! It is this cover and on the back there's a picture of YUKI kneeling on the beech in brown & white clothes... The booklet is a topey/sandy colour, rather than pink, and the actual disc looks exactly the same as the CD+DVD version, just with the sandy colour writing instead of pink. Unless you really want every edition, I wouldn't say its worth buying - although I like the pictures on the regular edition a lot better than the special edition lol.

I did! I just watched it yesterday, actually! I think I saw you once - you said you were really tall right? And like, only a few rows back? I was like, "omg I think thats her!" haha! I'm so jealous! As for the concert on the DVD, I thought the set and everything was really great, but I really thought YUKI's voice sounded bad until about "fugainaiya", like it took forever for her to warm up. "Kisha ni notte" sounded *amazing*! My fave part was definitely the documentaries though, because I've always wanted to see more backstage stuff. Her bonus features usually suck, lol, so this was nice, even if I didn't understand what they were saying. I wish I could have gone to the Blitz Pop shows, they looked cool, and had a nice setlist it looked like :)
30th-Mar-2009 10:31 pm (UTC)
well its weird, the audio was entirely the second show, but some of the footage up through the first costume set was on the first night (when I was there), so when I comment on liking the show alot I think I still have the memory of being there myself. I don't think her voice needed warming up like you mentioned, I think she more or less was conserving her voice to get through the entire show because they were filming and she knew the audio was being recorded. the night I went she was more balls out and shrill, typical YUKI, so this was a little more conservative yeah. I personally don't like fugainaiya from this show because at Suidaobashi YUKI oh man, she was screaming and throwing herself around and grasping at the air, one foot on a speaker in front of the crowd (where I was about 2 feet away) and everyone was screaming and twisting their arms in the air and it was this huge ball of fugainaiya-ness. At this show the energy was totally different and fugainaiya felt held back, I don't know.

yeah the only singles I'm missing for YUKI are Home Sweet Home, Hello Goodbye, and the regular edition of Rendezvous. Hello Goodbye doesn't have any original b-side, I don't like Home Sweet Home enough to warrant the instrumental on a whim, and I figured I should save the 10 bucks for the regular to use on the dvd. But I plan on getting them in the future, hopefully. She has been on a really strong upwards swing lately, Kisha ni Notte and Rendezvous have been really good. I hope she does something a little more edgy and then drops the album. the one thing I dislike about YUKI is how just releases something than disappears for long periods of time. I wonder if this baby will affect that, we might not get anything for two years if she is focusing on the baby.
31st-Mar-2009 12:48 am (UTC)
Haha yeah, whatever it was, I think it sounded off until the second half of the show... though I was watching it in a house I share with a bunch of people who think her voice is annoying, so I was extra sensitive to her voice, haha! I guess I didn't listen all that closely, I was doing homework also, lol... Can I just say how much I love "Tinkerbell" live? I don't listen to the recorded version often, but I love love the live version. It must have been fun to sing along with everyone~ lol. YUKI is actually a pretty capable singer - her runs are pretty good... She surprises me when she freestyles at concerts, and I wonder why she doesn't sing like that on her records.

I own literally every disc she's put out - except the regular edition of "WAVE" ... Also I want to purchase a new copy of "joy" at some point, because mine is the Korean edition, and it's pretty beat up (when I got it I still used CD players, so it got thrown around my room a lot lol).

When "Kisha ni Notte" was released, I just thought, the YUKI that I love, Prismic/Commune YUKI, is still in there somewhere, lol! I'd like to hear more from her in that "personal" vein, or even something "edgy" like you said, something like fugainaiya.

You can never tell with YUKI, I mean, she did take a long break off with her first child, but went on with her tour immediately after he passed away (Well, she canceled and then uncanceled it. I think that makes sense though, I feel like going on tour would be really therapeutic for a musician after something like that) Then with her 2nd son she released an album while pregnant, but then she took a pretty long time off. She was visibly pregnant in the "Rendezvous" video, too. I feel like either she's going to release something very soon, or it's going to be awhile till we hear from her again... :(

Oh, also I wonder why she took down the notice about her being pregnant from her official page? I was looking at the news section, and it's disappeared!
31st-Mar-2009 04:35 am (UTC)
I just need an mp3 of Message. lol O_o
31st-Mar-2009 04:44 am (UTC)
Here you go! :) It's cute.
31st-Mar-2009 03:00 pm (UTC)
You're awesome! Thank you! :D

oops, got an extra quote mark in the url. I'm assuming you don't mind if ppl reading grab the mp3 too, if so they can try this link: fixed url
31st-Mar-2009 04:37 am (UTC)
btw, if anyone cares, I did (the day of this post) lay down a non-refundable $200+ at kinokuniya (who use neowing, which is the same as cdjapan) for this set. lol. I REALLY REALLY hope they don't mess this up and get me a non-tshirt set. I REALLY WANT THE SHIRT. <3

I like using my Kinokuniya instead of ordering from cdjapan myself lately because a.) less risk of mail issues and b.) I get "points" toward all music (CD and DVD) purchases at kino.
31st-Mar-2009 05:00 am (UTC)
Crazyness! I applaud your shopping daring.
I wish there was a Kinokuniya in Toronto, I've only ever heard great things about it.
31st-Mar-2009 03:03 pm (UTC)
I don't have all of the original singles yet either, so I figured I'd grab this and at least have them all in some fashion.

The reason I haven't gotten all the originals yet is mainly due to the fact that ebay sellers like to lot them together, and I don't feel like buying three singles I already have just to get the one I don't... etc. Whenever I msg them and ask (if the auction doesn't sell as a lot the first time around) can they relist them separately, they usually reply to me as if I'm asking for them to do something insane. O_o;
31st-Mar-2009 03:35 pm (UTC)
Yeah that is definitely annoying! You should try using a buying service - yahoo auctions Japan have way better deals. You can get the singles for anywhere between 100-1000 yen.
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