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Girly Rock - YUKI / JAM
YUKI and Judy and Mary Community
5th-Mar-2009 08:40 pm
I'm half way through the 'YUKI CONCERT NEW RHYTHM TOUR 2008' DVDs. I've been tweeting my reactions to stuff. If anyone cares take a peek behind the cut. :) (the tweets are just cut and pasted in, so if you wanted to read them in order start at the bottom and read up).

# Lol, niiiiiiice, the graphics on the stage are like Tron. I love this woman so fucking much.

# Oh holy shit this is awesome... YUKI is on the turn tables for 舞い上がれ I'm gonna freak the fuck out right now. My life is complete.

# This Bend a Spoon intermission makes me wanna start drinking... I mean that in a good way.

# YUKI likes to use white folks in her videos... lol

# I think I like 長い夢 a little bit more live than on the CD. Not the quality or anything, it's just more exciting.

# I haven't listened to 'Prism' in a long time, but I still remember the words, I went ahead and sung along and they just came right out. :D

# I was worried at first, but she's singing really well now. Melanchornista and Funky Fruits were a little rough... which kinda makes me sad.

# I see the matroshka theremin sitting there...

# For the amount of glow-in-the-dark goo they plastered on her hair they sure aren't using the black light enough.

# 最高に楽しい〜♥ call me heartless but I don't really care about the band member change, lol. ビスケット!ナイスー☆

# damn this drummer tho... wtf.

# 惑星に乗れ is amazing... ☆_☆

# oh shit, it wasn't a costume change, they're flipping between two different clips. O_o

# her voice is finally warmed up, yaaaaaaay

# lol @ stealth costume change

# OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG this "Hey! You!" is soooooooo greaaaaaat! *squeals* like a little girl.

# oh YUKI, why are you doing the robot to funky fruits?

I don't want to completely annoy my twitter followers, so I'm gonna stop here and add to this later if I feel so compelled. :)
6th-Mar-2009 06:40 am (UTC)
nice. unfortunately I was there on the night before that (the first of the two tokyo shows). she did aozora instead of biscuit at my show (biscuit was the tour regular, aozora was a one time swap out she did because it was raining and we all had to stand in the rain for two hours before we got in).

what are the special features like? I was at both Suidobashi YUKI shows, I know they have behind the scenes documentary starting with those shows. I was up front and center against the bar at both suidobashi shows and forth row center at budokan, so I hope they have some footage from any of the shows I was at.
6th-Mar-2009 07:40 pm (UTC)
BAH. I want my DVD so bad! B
14th-May-2009 04:43 am (UTC)
HAHAHAHA I totally enjoyed reading that! Can't wait to watch it myself XD
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